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Jason Derulo has a New Non-Musical Project: “Everyone told me I was crazy, everyone doubted me”

A project that can help more than one

Jason Derulo is a successful artist, although we can recently see him almost more on Tik Tok than on stage. He has become a content creator who likes to entertain his audience with something more than music.

He is restless and not only has a vocation. To social networks and music to add literature and coaching now and it is that the artist will release this year his first book from which some details have advanced us.

”Despite my success, in my heart, I am still just a nine-year-old kid in a small house outside Miami singing “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson for the millionth time, dreaming of being a star one day”, he remembers about his childhood.

”When I was a kid, I used to watch my mom around the house. I don’t think she ever stopped working – cooking, cleaning, folding, tidying, organizing. That woman never took a break. Her work ethic wiggled its way into my DNA, too. Before I was ten years old, I was putting in serious hours singing and songwriting, and the only fuel I had was my belief that I would make it. Everyone told me I was crazy, everyone doubted me”, he assures that child with dreams.

Self-help Book
But Derulo has become a celebrity and has fulfilled many dreams. ”I started on TikTok way wayyyyy before it was cool – it was just me and a bunch of high school kids posting weird videos! During that time I had this amazing front row seat to the creativity and hustle of an entire generation of young artists, content creators, video makers, comedians, influencers, and entrepreneurs. However, I know this to be a fact: creative people need a plan. It is impossible to dedicate to a dream without a practice to make it a reality. I want you to keep going. I want you to chase down your dream like I chased down mine. I wrote this book for you”, he reflected.

And now the singer wants to share that practice that has served him to get to what he is today. ”Here is what I came here to say: My first book, Sing Your Name Our Loud: 15 Rules for Living Your Dream is available for preorder today. It goes on sale June 27th, 2023, and is available everywhere books are sold. And guess what? I narrated the audiobook – you can preorder that today too. Link is in my bio”, he reported.

There are still a few months left to be published, but there is more than one interested in achieving the same achievements that have made him the successful man he is today.

Andrea Esteban