Sabrina Ruiz


Mon-Fri 10AM-3PM


My Sign: Aquarius

My Pets: Bambino

Favorite Artist/Band: Lady Gaga

Sabrina Ruiz is not only on the Hot 1039 airwaves from 10am – 3pm each weekday… she’s also the Music Director!

All that music you are jamming to throughout the day happens to be curated by Sabrina!

Sabrina started her on-air radio career in Las Vegas before returning to the Inland Empire where she grew up to join the Hot 1039 air staff.

Sabrina is a coffee addict (you may spot her at her favorite coffee shop RAD COFFEE) and loves her French Bulldog “Bambino’ and husband Tony.

Oh and let’s not forget…Sabrina happens to be an honorary member of the “Little Monsters Fan Club”…that’s right….she is a Lady Gaga FANATIC!!!