Where to get Free Lunches this Summer in the IE

During the summer, there are several places in San Bernardino and Riverside counties where kids can go to receive free lunches. These locations typically include schools, community centers, parks, and other designated sites. The specific locations may vary from year to year, so it’s best to refer to local resources or organizations for the most up-to-date information. Here are a few resources you can check for free summer lunch programs in San Bernardino and Riverside counties:

1. Feeding America Riverside | San Bernardino: This organization operates various programs to provide meals to children and families in need. You can visit their website (www.feedingamericaie.org) or contact them directly to inquire about the locations of their summer lunch programs.

2. Local school districts: Many school districts offer free lunch programs during the summer months. Reach out to the school district in your area to learn about their specific programs and the locations where meals are provided.

3. County and city websites: Check the official websites of San Bernardino County (www.sbcounty.gov) and Riverside County (www.rivco.org) for information about summer meal programs. They may have dedicated sections or resources that list the locations where free lunches are available.

4. Community centers and nonprofits: Various community centers, churches, and nonprofit organizations also offer free summer lunch programs for children. Local YMCA branches, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other similar organizations often provide meals during the summer. You can reach out to them or search for local resources to find specific locations in your area.

Remember to check with these organizations for the most current information about free lunch programs in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, as availability and locations may change each year.